Reticello Goblets


ReticelloGobletblueandyellowReticello is the most difficult of Italian techniques meaning crisscrossed glass cane work. Savoie places one set of twisted cane into another catching a small air bubble in each diamond made by the opposing lines. His understanding of the properties of glass has given him the ability to make glass that can have very precise minute lines. This skill makes his patterns not only masterful, but beautiful.

Bon Vivant!

The process of Reticello challenging and requires skill, patience and expertise. Glass canes are heated, twisted in one direction and blown into the form of a cup. The cup is set in the oven. Then, a second cup is made in the same fashion, however the glass cane is twisted in the opposite direction. The second cup is blow into the inside of the first cup. As the two cups come together, the groves between the cane rods are sealed, causing air bubbles to lock into the crisscrossed pattern. The connected cups are then blown and formed into the final shape.

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